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Om Denfi Diskos

Månedens Historie.

Dear Discus Friends Allover The World,


My name is Palle Densam who invented and designed the Denfi Discus. I started back in the late 80´es from ideas about how the perfect discus should look like. As a coach for discus training I was not satisfied with the wooden discs we threw in those days !. So I made contacts to Airplane engineers and other experts on aerodynamic ect. I am myself well educated in those matters...and in the end I created new formulars for both the inside and the outside of a discus to make it fly better , and what is most fly longer than any other discus on the market in those days !!.


After having made some prototypes I contacted Mr. Jürgen Schult (still the World Recordholder) and things turned out that my discus flew longer than others. Over the years Jürgen Schult and I have become close friends and him as the perfect "testing-machine" with the best throwing technique ever, my discus was in "good hands".


My discus was first thrown at the Barcalona Olympics 1992, and ever since then it has take a lot of medals at World Champs, Olympics and other major Competitions. At some Championships something like 75-85 % of alle throws has been with a Denfi Discus !!.


Over the years I have designed New Models....and the latest are the "Jürgen Schult SkyMaster"...and the Brand New !"Classic". The last one is a high Quality discus BUT for less money !!!.


The following Denfi Disc are Certified within IAAF :


Denfi Jürgen Schult SkyMaster 1 and 2K  ( Red/White)

Denfi Jürgen Schult Ultimate Spin 1 and 2K (White/Yellow)

Denfi Hyper Superspin 2K (Black/Yellow)

Denfi Hyper Superspin 1.75K (Black/Yellow)

Denfi Hyper Superspin 1.5K ( Black/Yellow)


The Ultimate Spin and the Hyper Superspin are on the IAAF list at major Championships !!


In matter to get the other models on the IAAF list too it is IMPORTANT that a thrower appearing at major Championships inform his/hers Local Federation to inform the IAAF Technical Commetee to do so !!!!.. In this way the thrower will be able to throw his/hers fauvorite discus at major Championships !!.


The Brand New "Denfi Classic" is a cheaper model than the others, BUT with the same High quality and flying proberties beeing requiered for a Denfi. It is very simelar to the Hyper Superspin with a bit difference in angle of rim. Excellent in all windconditions.


Late last year I sold my Company to Borntek Industries because of troubles with my health. Borntek Industies is a High Tech Company with CNC machinery, which mean that every Denfi Discus is produced with very high accuracy !!


Also it means that delivery times and that the stock of discs has been improved.


In the future I will still be a consultant for Borntek Industries on Denfi Discs, and everyone of you discus friends  out there is most welcome to contact me and the other employees of Denfi Sport ApS.


Palle Densam

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